Parish School of Religion

The St. Joseph Parish School of Religion provides children an opportunity to learn and grow in their faith through prayer and classroom activities.  Children in Kindergarten through 8th grade are welcome to join in our program to learn and grow in their faith as a faith community.  

First Communion is celebrated in the spring of the 2nd grade year.

Confirmation is celebrated every other year in either the 7th or 8th grade year.


This Fall, 2020, PSR will be done completely remote. There will be no in person classes. We understand this will put more emphasis on you, the parents/guardians, to guide them through the lessons. This is a joint effort between us, the church and family, as we will provide all the necessary information to make this a successful semester. Do not hesitate to ask for clarification or assistance.

Registration:  The registration process is now automated. The link below will take you to the online registration form. Please follow the instructions at the end of the registration process. Please register by August 14 so we may ensure we have sufficient supplies.

The Plan:  We will be continuing to use Pflaum’s Gospel Weeklies which has online resources along with the weekly handout that we can send home. So the plan is as follows......

- PSR will begin in September.

- Each month, each child/family will receive a packet that includes the 4 weekly pamphlets, a family activity, as well as any other activities or notes. Think of these packets as a monthly “subscription” to enrich your faith—a contactless package that contains jewels to be discovered. These packets can be picked up at the church office or can be delivered upon request.

- Each week, an email will be sent with videos, along with related digital resources, if applicable, that coordinate with the weekly pamphlets. This weekly “subscription” will provide electronic resources that will help to enhance the teachings of the Gospel Weeklies. Items that are timely to the season in which the church is celebrating will be provided.

- For the 1st Communion & Confirmation Classes, we are planning on having monthly (Oct, Nov, Dec) Zoom meetings to begin discussion surrounding sacramental preparation.

Additional books will also be provided that relate specifically to the applicable sacraments. More information will be available as we work out all of the details.

Please note you will not need to turn the weekly pamphlets in. The Sacramental Classes may have some projects that need to be returned but we will keep those to the absolute minimum. The plan is to help each family, as best as possible, continue learning more about our faith.

Spring Semester: We will continue to monitor and evaluate the restrictions for the Spring semester and will announce the plan before Christmas.

We understand that this first semester back to school will be full of unknowns and may feel daunting. We believe that this Fall’s program will enhance you and your children's faith journeys. We are here to journey with you and to help in any possible way that we can!

If you are interested in serving as a catechist this year, please let us know. We can use your help in making this a successful year.