Cemetery History & Memorials

St. Joseph Cemetery, Lebanon, Illinois


St. Joseph Cemetery is located north of the Parish, on 11002 Widicus Road, Lebanon, Illinois. The Cemetery was purchased in two three acre parcels, one in July 1866 and the second in May 1867.

August 22, 1866 is the first burial of record.

Land was also acquired, temporarily, to use as a Parish cemetery in July 1871 on the northwest corner of Randle and Route 43.

The Cemetery cross, a gift of Victor Becherer’s family, was erected in 1955. The gates were gifted in 1988 by Clara Hohrein and the estate of her sister, Victoria Kyle.

A section of the Cemetery ground was set apart for infant burial in 1987. The infant section was consecrated and blessed in August 1987, led by Fr. Jim Dougherty. The Guardian Angel Monument, which overlooks the infant graves, was blessed on Memorial Day 1999.

The Cemetery Committee was first formed in 1987 to participate in the operation and maintenance of the cemetery. Mary Weil, Darlene Haukapp, Vince Hogg, Andy Hogg, and Fr. Jim Dougherty were the first committee members.

The annex section was consecrated and opened for burial on Memorial Day 2015.

One year later, a granite columbaria was blessed.

Four St. Joseph Parish pastors are buried in the oldest section of St. Joseph Cemetery: Fr. Trojan (1881), Fr. Reinhardt (1914), and Fr. Roken (1943). The gravestone of Fr. Kastner (2012) is located in the center section of the Cemetery, near the foot of the cross. Fr. Humphrey (2019) is located in the Columbarium. 

Mass is celebrated at the Cemetery annually on Memorial Day.

Memorials and Donations

Parishioners and individuals may designate St. Joseph Parish Cemetery for memorials. Donations to the Cemetery are used to make major improvements and ensure the future upkeep of the burial grounds. Memorial gifts in the past have been used to purchase the Guardian Angel monument and resurface the road.

Mass intentions may be requested through the Parish Office. The customary offering is $10.

A portion from all grave sales and burials goes into the Cemetery’s Perpetual Care Fund.

For additional information, contact

St. Joseph Catholic Church

 901 North Alton Street,

Lebanon, IL 62254