Liturgical Ministry

Serivng our Parish


April /May 2024


April 7th:                  Lectors: Aubrie/Glenda         Servers: Mason/Claira/David

2nd Sun of Easter         EMs: Sara/Tim/Darla           Greeters: Group B


April 14th:                   Lectors: 2nd Grade                Servers: Lynn/Charlotte/Hayden

3rd Sun of Easter          EMs: Peg/Natalie/Connie      Greeters: Group C


April 21st:                   Lectors: John/Natalie            Servers: Mason/Charlotte/David

4th Sun of Easter          EMs: Andy/Carol/Monika     Greeters: Group D


April 28th:                  Lectors: Bonnie/Tim             Servers: Jack/Steven/David

5th Sun of Easter         EMs: Sara/Peg/Bill                 Greeters: Group E


May 5th:                      Lectors: Ann/Jim                   Servers: Jack/Aubrie/Claira

6th Sun of Easter          EMs: Tim/Darla/Connie         Greeters: Group A


May 12th:                    Lectors: Korie/Charlotte        Servers: Lynn/Mason/Steven

Mother’s Day              EMs: Carol/Monika/Natalie   Greeters: Group B

Ascension of the Lord


May 19th:                    Lectors: Bill/Glenda              Servers: Jack/Aubrie/David

Pentecost Sunday        EMs: Sara/Peg/Andy             Greeters: Group C


May 26th:                   Lectors: John/Jim                  Servers: Claira/Aubrie/Korie

The Most Holy Trinity  EMs: Tim/Darla/Carol           Greeters: Group D



Greeters by Group:

A: Jim B & Jane C

B: Andy F & Connie F

C: Barry & Debbie

D: Sara B & Jill G

E: Tip & Monika K