A Catholic Community of Prayer, Support & Service Grounded in the Gospel

Liturgical Ministry

Serivng our Parish


December 2022/January 2023

Dec 4: 2nd Sunday in Advent        Lectors: Jack/Brenda           Servers:                     EM:

                                                       Greeters: Group C                 Jack/Charlotte           Wayne

Dec 8: Immaculate Conception     Lectors: Bill                          Servers:                     EM:

Thursday, 12:10pm                                                                      TBD                            Peg

Dec 11:  3rd Sunday in Advent      Lectors: Ann/John             Servers:                     EM:

                                                       Greeters: Group D               Claira/Korie              Monika

Dec 18:  4th Sunday in Advent      Lectors: Tim/Glenda           Servers:                     EM:

                                                       Greeters: Group A               Lynn/Hayden             Carol              

Dec 24:  Christmas Eve, 4:00pm  Lectors: Aubrie/Lynn          Servers:                     EMs:

Nativity of the Lord Readings         Greeters: Group B             Mason/Claira/           Tim/Darla



Jan 1:      Solemnity of Mary         Lectors: Charlotte/Natalie Servers:                     EM:

                                                       Greeters: Group C               Claira/Charlotte       Peg

Jan 8:      Epiphany of the Lord     Lectors: John/Diane            Servers:                     EM:

                                                       Greeters: Group D               Lynn/Hayden             Monika         

Jan 15:     2nd Sunday in OT           Lectors: Ann/Glenda           Servers:                     EM:

                                                        Greeters: Group A               Mason/Korie             Carol

Jan 22:     3rd Sunday in OT           Lectors: Charlotte/Aubrie  Servers:                     EM:

                                                       Greeters: Group B               Mason/Claira/           Tim


Jan 29:     4th Sunday in OT          Lectors: Tim/Brenda           Servers:                     EM:

                                                      Greeters: Group C               Jack/Korie                  Darla

 Greeters by Group:

A: Jim B & Jane C

B: Andy F, Connie F & Kevin Z

C: Barry & Debbie

D: Kendall & Barb